Wednesday, September 30, 2009


How do I get back to blogging faithfully? After all I have not updated this blog since July 16th.

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately as I contemplated reviving this little blog of mine. I wonder if it is worth it. I wonder if anyone is interested in anything I have to say.

Is what I write about (when I have written that is) interesting?

How do others decide what to write about?

I am just not sure if my life and thoughts are interesting enough for a blog.

Clearly I have dropped the ball on keeping the blog updated over the summer. We are crazy busy in the summer and I just ran out of time.

So I wonder, is it worthwhile to make the time? Is anyone interested? Am I talking to myself? Is that a bad thing? Perhaps I need to talk to myself more.

So my friends, does this little blog interest any of you? Should I bother to continue? If I should, how do you that also blog decide what to write about?

Hmm, much to contemplate.......