Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Packing to camp

Camping is a vacation only in the loosest form of the word. Furthermore actually getting a family of five to the campground is a full time job not for the feint of heart. Between uncooperative children, piles of laundry, an undecided upon menu and numerous other tasks that must be completed before leaving it is a wonder I am sane by the time we leave. That is taking into account the possibility that I am not sane to begin with to even consider taking this trip. After all we are heading off to spend a fun filled week with....... my MIL's family at a reunion in the middle of bloody nowhere. There will be no escape other than locking my camper door and hiding. However it gets darn boring in tiny, little camper (actually as campers go it is big but relatively speaking....) and it would offend the MIL. That is never good. Offended MILs make serious nuisances of themselves, particularly mine. However, I have digressed off the point. The point is not the fabulous time we will be having (or not) when we finally arrive at our destination but the fabulous time we are all having getting ready to go to our destination.

Are there professional organizers who do this kind of thing for a living per chance? If so, how much do they charge? I am beginning to think that it would be a good use of my meager available funds at the moment. While I am at it, can I also hire someone to finish planting my garden, put in my watering system, find someone to take care of the place while we are gone (i.e. feeding animals and checking aforementioned watering system), wrestle my children into submission, potty train my son, take the dog to the vet and the other million and one things that need to be done prior to leaving? Yeah I was pretty sure no would be the answer. I guess that means I need to wrap this up and go motivate children again. Off I go. This vacation better involve me actually getting out in the boat on the quiet of the lake by myself or nearly by myself because if it doesn't I may just swim away.

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