Monday, April 23, 2007

Hanging in there

Well the weekend is gone and Sabrina is still with us. I have not seen her and do not intend to intrude on the family to see her but I have a contact that is far closer to the family than I and she is keeping me updated. Kristi sent a message this morning that they did not go over on Saturday as planned because they thought that might be the day and Sabrina's parents wanted to be alone with her. However, as she was still here on Sunday Kristi and another friend made dinner for them and took it over. They got to see her for a couple of minutes and were able to give her a kiss and rub her hand. Sabrina is very comforted and calm when her mama is near so they are spending most of their time together curled up in bed.

I am still very, very sad and so is my daughter. Kristi says that her son is having a really rough time too but is doing "okay" right now.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. It helps.

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