Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Will it never be over???

I am so darn sick of school mornings. Now granted I have it about as good as any mother could because DH does mornings in our house and I get to sleep. However, there are still incidents that cause mornings to be a stressful event nearly every day. Today it was stalling and procrastinating resulting in a missed bus. Now normally DH can take the offending child on to her school because it is located in the general direction of his job. BUT this is Wednesday. Wednesdays are the day that DH has to be at court to sit on the Grand Jury. This has been going on for all of May and will be going on for the rest of June. Two months of every Wednesday. I just knew, when I heard breakfast being made only 5 minutes before the bus was due that I might as well get up and start getting dressed because there was no way everyone was making it to the bus on time. Now, as stated, I am aware of how lucky I am not to have to do this chore daily, this is the second time in as many weeks that I have had to get myself and the 3yo up and out to take this child to school. Grrr. You would think that we could get through one week without this problem. School is not out for another 6 days and since these last weeks are such an utter waste of time, it makes this issue doubly annoying.

Only 6 more days, only 6 more days, only 6 more days.

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