Thursday, June 3, 2010

A new challenge

I am a bad blogger. I know it and my friends who come here occasionally looking for an update know it.

For that I apologize. I am sorry I am such a slacker.

My excuse? Life has gotten in the way. There has been so much going on in the last few months and the next few look to be just as crazy.

However, I am working on a new me and have joined a bunch of other women in a challenge that will hopefully keep me focused on that goal. We are all a bit tired of our increasing......errrr...... fluff?, girth?..... whatever word you would like to through in there and we are bent on changing it over the next 8 weeks or so. It is called "Momma was a Looker" challenge and was started when my Scrapshare buddy Elaine got together with a friend of her's and decided to do something for themselves to deal with their.... errr.....girth..... and then they invited their friends to join them. So, since I need the motivation, encouragement and support, I joined them.

My plan is to update this blog regularly over the next few weeks with info about what I am doing and how it is working. Summer is upon us and it is time for me to lower the jiggle factor a bit.

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