Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Home visits

Okay so I had a stressful afternoon today but it turned out my worry was for nothing.

DD#1 (10) is in 4-H here in Oregon. Several of her clubmates are getting foreign exchange students through an exchange program set up through 4-H. We had decided to participate ourselves and I filled out all the paperwork, etc. However DD has not lived up to her end of a bargain we struck regarding this. One of the conditions was to get her room clean. She has not done it so I withdrew our name for consideration. However, the coordinator of the program for our county asked me to go ahead and finish the last step in case she gets her act together soon and we change our minds. The final step was the home visit. Now I am the world's worst housekeeper who is trying to reform my ways. So having someone visit, even when I know they are coming and can prepare, freaks me out. My kitchen floor is nasty and needs a mopping badly but that, of all the home care chores, usually falls under the perview of DH. Today found me running around making sure the house was presentable. Truthfully it really was not that bad but I felt better weeping and picking up and organizing. Turns out I needn't have worried. While they did come in, they did not venture beyond the main part of the house, so my DD's messy room was inconsequential for now and all they did was ask a few questions, chat a bit and head out to visit another family. Woohoo.

A nice side benefit is that there is a lot less for me to take care of tomorrow and Friday as I have a Pampered Chef party scheduled here on Saturday evening. Of course the only people who have said they are coming are my inlaws and the friend from whose show I originally booked. I have had a couple of people say they are going to put in orders even though they can't be here but I have yet to see any order forms.

Tomorrow I am going to try and power layout enough pages to keep me busy for a few hours at a crop on Saturday morning. It should be fun. I am looking forward to it even though I have to leave the crop early to attend a 4-H planning meeting and then run home to host my party. Hmmm, a very busy day is planned. Guess I better get to bed early so I am well rested and it will carry over to the weekend.

Over and out for now.

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