Thursday, March 15, 2007

Blog Challenge

Each week Stacy over at Scrapshare posts a weekly, voluntary blog challenge. This week's challenge is regarding the current time change situation we experienced on Sunday.

Stacy wrote:
We had an "extra hour" of daylight today. How'd you spend it? Any regrets? If so, describe how you'd spend it differently, given the chance.

My question is where was this alledged "extra" hour? I certainly never found it. I got up on Sunday morning having forgotten about the darn clock changes and went about getting going. DD#1 had a 4-H related event planned for noon and here it was only 9:30 so we had plenty of time right? So we went about getting goats fed, rabbits fed and watered and started on pick up/clean up chores. At some point, I decided to go check the ingredients for a recipe I was considering trying that was stored on my laptop. So I went and flipped on the computer only to find that it was not 10:55 as I had thought but actually 11:55 Luckily, the 4-H event was at a friend's house only 10 minutes away but we still had to get ready and out the door! So the reality is, where is that extra hour? I don't know because I never saw it. In actuality I lost an hour. Where did it go?

Oh yeah and what about those children I speak of so often? The ones who are complete night owls resistant to going to bed on a good night when it is dark outside at 6. How the heck am I supposed to impose an 8 o'clock bedtime when it is still light outside until all hours of the evening? These kids of mine want to play outside, particularly on these spectacularly beautiful sunny days without a cloud in sight, which is a rarity in March in Oregon. This time change has completely disrupted my routines and those of my children. Pick a time and stay there. Please Oregon join the other two sane states and let's quit messing with the clocks. The sun knows what it is doing!

Over and out for now.

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