Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Spirit

There is absolutely no Christmas spirit in my house. No one cares whether or not there is any Christmas anything in, on or around the house. They don't care if there is a tree or stockings or anything. Well, except for me. I care. I am sitting here crying because it takes me having a complete freak out/breakdown for ANYONE in this house to do anything. I have cleaned the entire area where the Christmas tree is supposed to go because my stupid husband just kept saying "where are we going to put it" when I asked when we were going to go get a tree. We get a real tree every year and it has to be over 7 feet tall to fill the space it goes in so it is not like I can go get it by myself. Besides picking a tree is supposed to be a family event. We are supposed to have fun picking it out and decorating it together. Christmas is supposed to be a family event. But there is no one in this family that wants to help or do anything. Stupid husband has to take the camper off the truck to be able to haul said tree. But he won't because he doesn't want to have to drive my van 150 feet so he can turn the truck around. WTH????? There is NO other day before the Sunday immediately before Christmas to get a tree because there are things going on both weekend days next weekend and on Saturday the 22nd as well. So basically that means that we will have the tree for exactly 2 days before Christmas!!! What is the point of killing a tree to have it for 3 days? We are leaving, supposedly, the day after Christmas to go to San Francisco to watch the Oregon State Beavers play in their bowl game. That is if stupid husband ever gets all the "details" worked out and actually purchases tickets before they are all gone. If I had my way, we would get the tree and put it up the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. Now we are going to have the stupid thing for exactly 3 days???? What is the point? It is not as any of them have any Christmas spirit anyway. I guess I will just wrap their presents and throw them on the floor. That is all they care about anyway. The presents!!! At this point, I don't even see a reason to finish shopping.

Christmas spirit???? Bah humbug!

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  1. ((((((((Cali))))))) Wonder what would happen if you didn't put presents out? Christmas is about giving... maybe you could give "their" presents to a local charity?
    I had to basically bully my sister into putting up her tree last year - this year she did it all on her own!!
    I hope you do end up having a merry Christmas :)