Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh you have got to be kidding

I post daily on a diet/weight watchers related website (DWLZ) and read a post today about Jennifer Love Hewitt being fat. She is a size 2 for crying out loud! Someone posted a link to an article written about JLH firing back at the paparazzi for printing some unflattering pictures of her while she was on vacation with her new fiance. This article was listed as news by a prominent magazine. NEWS?!!? Really, you have got to be kidding me! Considering that 90% of the women in this country would give their eye teeth to have her body how is an unflattering picture in a rag mag news?

I appreciate JLH publicly commenting on this and fighting for healthy body types everywhere. Truly it is refreshing to hear a celebrity embracing their body rather than trying to starve themselves to the obligatory size 0.

I am never going to be a size 2 so this may sound like a whole lot of sour grapes but truly when is this kind of stuff going to get the outcry that it needs. An actress has to defend her size 2 body, news at 5 really sickens me. There are real problems in this world, focus on them and leave this beautiful, successful woman alone.

I am off to work off a calorie or two cleaning this pigsty. Will that be next thing to make the news, some actress who dares to clean up after herself or cook for herself or raise her own children?

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