Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogger Challenge: Superheros

The Scrapshare blog challenge this week is issued by Kelly Belle.

The blog challenge this week is if you could be ANY superhero, who would it be and what special super-power would you enjoy using the most? You can use some of the well-known Superheroes (Superman, etc....) or make up one of your own.

Hmmm, super powers. I have never been a big fan of the superheros. In fact, I really can't remember who the female superheros were or what their powers were. So that leaves me with making up my own superhero.

So my superhero would be the female version of The Pacifier. You know Vin Diesel's character. He comes in, takes over a household and inside of one week he has the kids in line, the house in line and everything in its place. He caught the bad guys too. The superpower I want is the superparent part. I would be able to get the kids to obey the rules, do their chores and homework all with little fuss. My superpower would include the ability to communicate effectively with all kids at every point in their lives. Oh, I would get a secret decoder ring to figure out when the kids were in trouble or needed guidance. It of course would tell me exactly what kind of advice to give too. Yeah that sounds like my kind of superhero, intuitive, compassionate, parent, excellent housekeeper and child psychologist all roled into one. Anyone know where to get that secret decoder ring?


  1. Hey! Let's look in the Cracker Jacks for the Decorder Ring! I could use one too!!! Maybe we could combine your Superhero with mine! We'd have it made!

  2. GREAT superhero!!! The truth is that you, as a Mom, probably already possess some of these Superhero characteristics. There are just a few of the details -- like the awesome DECODER RING for instance -- that would certainly give "The Pacifier" a distinct advantage that we're in need of on a daily basis!

    Super blogpost! Yes, I wish I could also add "The Pacififer" superpowers to my own!

    Denise Kelly

  3. This is great! I'm still pondering mine. I want all the super powers, that is the problem. LOL