Thursday, February 28, 2008

The end is near

It is a sad day. We got the call that both of us have been dreading getting from our respective families for a while now. I honestly expected to get mine before DH got his. Unfortunately for him, that is not the case. DH's grandmother is in the hospital. She will not be coming home again. She has been fighting lung cancer for, I think, 2 years or so now. She far outlived early expectations. However, she has congestive heart failure and this is the end of the road. She had a good life, raised 6 productive, competent children who in turn have raised productive, competent grandchildren and they in turn are raising the great-grandchildren. She is a woman of strong faith. She will be going home to God and grandpa Bill. We will all miss her. May her passing be peaceful and mercifully quick so she and those left behind do not suffer too much.

We love you Grandma Shirley! Tell Grandpa we miss him too!

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