Saturday, September 13, 2008

12 of 12 Challenge

I am trying to give blogging a bigger importance. In that effort I decided to include this month's 12 of 12 challenge on my blog as well as making my layout.

What is the 12 of 12 challenge? This is a challenge I learned about on my scrapbooking board Scrapshare. The idea is to document your daily routines at least one day out of each month. The goal is to take 12 pictures of your daily routine on the 12th of each month. I have committed to doing this every month for 2008. I am going to use them in my yearly family album to document each month. I have never done something like this so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I am also scrapping them all digitally, which is also something new this year.

This month's edition started out with me forgetting all about what day it was as I headed out the door to volunteer in DD's classroom. Consequently, I did not have my camera to capture volunteer time. I will get it in to a layout for the next month when the 12th lands on a Wednesday or a Friday. I think November will. I did not realize what day it was until I got home after volunteering, picking up DS from preschool and getting groceries, at which time I sat down to read some Scrapshare happenings and saw the reminder thread. I muttered a bit to myself and grabbed the camera. The first thing I saw to take a photo of was my lunch. I had a KFC roasted twister and chili cheese fries. Bad for my diet and Scrapshare Biggest Loser Challenge but ooohhhh so tasty.

After finishing my bad for me lunch, I grabbed the camera again and went in search of photos to take. Since I had been to the grocery store, I took a picture of some of the bags of food.

The next thing to catch my attention was the vacuum. First I turned it on to make it do its job (with my help, of course) and then I snapped a picture.

While I was lying on the floor trying to get an interesting angle on the vacuum, DS laid down in front of me and said "Take my picture Mama". Well, who can resist a request like that. Since he stayed so nicely still, I set the camera on macro and snapped this picture of just his beautiful eyes. I really like how it turned out.

After that I snapped a picture of dinner thawing in the sink. I got a good deal on shrimp and huge sea scallops at the store today. Since we love seafood, those will make a lovely meal along with some fresh picked corn from the garden and artichokes. (Hmmm, I sure think about food a lot don't I?)While the artichokes cooked I dealt with this lovely pile on my kitchen island.After trimming that pile down a bit and putting the artichokes in to cool, I headed down to my garden to see what was ready for harvesting. I love going down there at this time of year because there is nearly always something ready to pick. Here is the aforementioned corn. This variety is not quite ready. It will be probably another week or so before I can pick this ear.

The beans are looking great too. All these blooms will soon be beans destined for a canning jar.

This is a picture of my DD's sunflowers. They got planted really late this year and have not started blooming yet but we are still hopeful that the weather will hold so she can see some pretty yellow flower heads. She plants these each year in honor of her friend Sabrina who we lost to cancer over a year ago. Sunflowers were a favorite of Sabrina's so we have been planting her some every summer since we found out about her diagnosis.
Here DS acts like Farmer John with my shovel.
This is what my basket looked like after I set it on the counter.

And before I could change my mind I headed out to pick the pears too. My trees are small so the harvest is small too but I love fresh pears. This is one variety on the tree.

So there it is, 12 pictures of the 12th of September. A busy, fun day in early fall.

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