Thursday, September 11, 2008

SS Blog Challenge #30 - Favorite color

Blog Challenge #30
Super Simple today..... From Sarah: What is your favorite color and why. Add a picture so we can get the "feel" for your favorite color.

I always have a hard time with these questions. I am fickle and don't really have a favorite because it changes season to season or even day to day. I like the blue of a hot, sunny, late summer sky. I like the reds of a beautiful maple in all its fall glory. I like the pewter of snow clouds or the dark gray of a strong winter storm. I like the green of new baby plants and leaves in the spring along with the yellow of daffodils after a long, wet winter. I also like colors not truly found in nature like dark purples, pinks, etc.

But the challenge is to pick a favorite and figure out why. While it would be easy to pick one of the ones listed above and there are good reasons for all, none of those make the cut today. Today, as I sit here looking forward to the weekend (only 2 more days!) my favorite colors come not from nature but from fun. Football fun to be exact. Saturday is the home opener of the college football season here and I get to go enjoy. I will proudly wear the Orange and Black of my chosen school. I cheer loudly despite two away from home disappointments already this season. Yep Orange and Black it is for all the coming Saturdays until Thanksgiving. Of course by then it will be basketball season so then we will have to add in Thursday nights too. Orange and black make a statement don't you think? A don't-mess-with-me-because-I-survived-28-losing-seasons-so-I-am-a-true-fan-statement. Those who have lived in Oregon all their lives, sports fans or not, know what I am talking about when I say that. I have earned the right to be proud that now my team has the longest bowl game winning streak in the conference. We deserve it. Orange and Black. I wear them proudly.

So come rain or shine, on Saturdays in the fall, my favorite colors are Orange and black.

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  1. My oldest DS would agree with you 100% with your color choices! My 10yo, heck no, I swear, it's the "civil war" daily in my house during football season with those 2!