Sunday, January 13, 2008

New member of the furbaby family.

Yesterday the girls' 4-H club hosted our second annual Rickreal Roundup Small Animal show. We had showman there to show their rabbits and cavies from all over. One family even came as far away as Grants Pass. My girls made a self-defeating decision not to get their rabbit out and practice with him in the weeks leading up to the event so they did not get to show. Jessie has had a hard fall/winter with her pets/show animals. She has lost to date 1 goat and 3 rabbits. The rabbit available to show is her sister's though both of them could have shown him. We went to help the club to run the show and to look around at the sale animals in hopes of perhaps acquiring a new show animal. However, I also did not want to her jumping at the first animal she saw. She looked at the sales area and saw a little lilac mini rex with a pedigree that she was interested in. However, it sold before I even got a chance to look at it. I was still hesitant about getting another animal, the losses are hard on me too. However, one of our local breeders had put several of her animals in the raffle so I decided what the heck, I would toss in a few tickets. I was sure I would never win, after all I never win anything. Imagine my surprise when one of my numbers was called. I am now the proud owner of a very nice sable chinchilla mini lop doe. She has a pedigree and a very nice genetic line. She is ready for breeding and hopefully will give us some really nice babies. I need to get to work on getting a set up in place so we can breed her so she can kindle and be done with babies by fair time in August. After all I did not get her for me, I got her for Jessie to have something to show. We are very happy to welcome her to our family.

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  1. This looks so much like a rabbit was saw at the Christmas tree farm, it was the biggest one we had ever seen, the kids loved it. :) Congrats on your new member of the family!