Friday, April 10, 2009

To-Do lists

I have been working on that control thing I mentioned all week long. On Monday I created a to-do list that I have been working since then. As each day has gone by I have color coded what I have done each day. I am feeling good about my progress. This list started out all black but is now all sorts of pretty colors. :)

Today I took a break, volunteered at school and then did a speed scrap at GingerScraps. I will post the resulting layout in another entry. Now that the kids are home from school we will have to hit the list hard so we have less to do this weekend before dinner with my parents to celebrate Emily's 9th birthday on Sunday.

Items in red were accomplished on Monday. Items in blue were accomplished on Tuesday. Items in green were accomplished Wednesday. Items in purple were accomplished Thursday.

This is what I have accomplished:

Fold all outstanding clean laundry
~Basket 1
~Basket 2
~Basket 3
~Basket 4
~Reload of Basket 1 from overflow of other baskets
Start load #1 washing
Move load #1 to dryer
Start load #2 washing
Move load #2 to dryer
Fold load #1
Start Load #3 washing
Move load #3 to dryer
Fold load #2
Fold load #3
Put away all the folded clothes
Load #4 - Wash, dry, fold, put away
Load #5 - Wash, dry, fold, put away
Load #6 - Wash, dry, fold, put away

Clear off front porch
~all accumulated garbage to outside garbage
~organize all gardening stuff and move to side porch shelves
~Clear entryway bench
~pick all shoes, organize and get rid of old or too small ones
~take broken toys out
~Sweep floor
~Wash inside of front door
~Vacuum cobwebs

Clear sink
Unload/reload dishwasher (DD's chore) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Clear Microwave counter and wash down
Clear sink counter and wash down
Organize plant shelf area and wipe down
Clear telephone counter and wash down
Clear table and wash down
Clear island and wash down
Wipe down cabinet fronts and sides - Did some Tuesday, Paid DD to do the rest of this
Sweep floor
Mop floor
Organize cookbooks/telephone stuff

Reorganize counter tops (again)
Bag up all escaped bottles for recycling
Remove all burnables to burn pile

Pack up and put away all Snowmen
Straighten knick-knacks
Straighten bookshelves
Clear wooden table completely

Straighten up and clear off the top of the TV and Stereo cabinet
Pick up behind TV
Clear off glass table completely
Wash down glass table
Straighten up wooden bookshelf - Started this but it is not complete yet.
Send coach blankets to laundry for washing
Straighten up/purge around my chair/computer
Straighten up/purge around DH's chair/computer
Clean under and around kids computer area

Finish bead organization project and pack away
Clear table completely
Straighten/organize buffet counter

Pick up and put away misc. stuff

Sort out what stays and what goes
Empty garbage
Clear out utility sink
Organize top of dry
Organize storage shelf

This is the girls' bathroom and I will just make sure that they do their cleaning chores.

Take newspapers to burn pile
Cut goat out of hole she got herself stuck in
Bring in meat for dinner from outside freezer and defrost
Take out garbage bags in hall
Change batteries in caller ID unit
Start picking up irrigation system in the garden.
Start clearing out debris from garden area to prepare for working and planting.
Update blog look for spring
Get minutes ready for PTC Tuesday night.
Do agenda for PTC meeting Tuesday night.
Spend a freakishly long time at PTC meeting
Volunteer at school
Go to fairgrounds office to book date for next year's fundraising auction.
Go grocery shopping
Put groceries away
Change vacuum bag.

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