Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Wow, it has been a week since I posted last. I really miss the blog challenges at Scrapshare. They kept me blogging regularly. I guess that is the lead in I need....

I am trying to some serious self-evaluation. I have tried this before and frankly, I suck at it. But this time I have to get serious about it.

Life is not as I wish it to be. If you read my last post, you should know at least some of the frustration I feel with my parenting. I also have issues to deal with personally regarding my weight, health, eating habits and exercise habits. I need to make some changes. Knowing that is easy. Doing it is hard.

So I started yesterday by joining Weight Watchers online. I have got to get my weight under control. I have got to get more active. To further that idea, I have to hold myself accountable. I am currently taking part in a weight loss challenge at Scrapshare. I have taken part in several of these but really I have not done well because I am only sort of committed. This time I must commit and see what I truly can accomplish. We are currently entering week 3 of a six week challenge. This goes hand in hand with the WW thing.

So since I know I need to be more accountable to myself and since I need to blog more, I am making a committment to blog about my progress at least 3 times over the coming week. There I said it, so hold me to it okay? I am also committed to keeping track of my points for the entire week, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Okay, off to find something active to do, even if it is just moving the laundry from one machine to another.

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  1. Good for you Cali! Sounds like steps in the right direction. From one WW to another - you CAN do it! :)