Friday, October 9, 2009

Teen TV

I have been watching Degrassi with my DDs. I am amazed, concerned and impressed all at the same time with the topics that are tackled in this program. From school shootings to teen pregnancies to drug/steroid us, etc. I am sure that many parents do not let their kids watch this program because of this but I have taken a different tact. The girls (ages 9 and 13) need to learn about these issues and my stance on them. Watching the episodes together gives me the opportunity and opening to discuss these topics in a nonthreatening way. Today we were watching reruns in preparation for tonight's season premiere. It struck me that I am so not ready for my girls to grow up and take on some of these issues. High school is a scary, threatening place. I have many fears about sending my kids there. The oldest starts next year. I need to be sure that I can maintain the lines of communication, which is something I am not always really good about. So I find myself watching teen soap operas so I have the chance to hold conversations with my kids. It may make me uncomfortable and it may be downright scary at times but I am so glad that the programs are there to give me the opportunity.

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