Friday, February 23, 2007

Oley, moley it has been almost a month since I lasted updated the blog. Does that mean I have a month's worth of rambling to do? Probably but this has been a pretty tame month so it shouldn't take long.

An update, quickly, on the medical issues that face our family. Grandma is not doing well. She cannot, as mentioned in the orignal post on this subject, take the medication the doctors wanted her to take for the cancer. She was found by a friend very ill with pneumonia and rushed to the ER. She came home on antibiotics and was doing well for a short time. However, she had a stroke last week and has been sent home on Hospice. When I asked DH about the prognosis, he said "the doctors say she is very ill and needs to see the people she wants to see". Very scary and stressful for the family. My MIL in particular (this is her mother) is having a very tough time. On the one hand I think we should find a way to go up and see her but on the other I worry that having the five of us there would be too much of a strain. Besides I am not sure what the effects of the stroke are and I am not sure the kids are ready to deal with that reality. Oh the decisions we face as our family gets older!

On a happier note, we spent President's weekend playing in the snow and camping in the mountains. It was cold and windy as there was a storm coming through but boy we still managed to have fun. We stayed at Hoodoo Ski Resort in one of their electrical hook up sites. During the day we played on the sledding slopes and in the evening we played board games. We wore out the kids so much that they went to bed early and got up late. I have some fabulous pictures just waiting for printing so they can go in the scrapbook. Oh joy, more to work on. Just a couple of these great pictures:
Emily (dd 6) sledding in the dark.

Jessie (dd 10) and David (ds 2.5) sledding in the dark

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