Monday, February 26, 2007


Projects. There are so many I could work on. I am constantly finding new ones too. The latest is baby booties. I have found great baby yarn and I just had to make some baby booties. I am going to make a hat too. They will go to my new nephew when he arrives in late April. I already have a blanket project I have started for him too. I taught myself to knit and am still very much a beginner but I have had experienced knitters tell me I am doing good work. I just hope my SIL likes these things. They are certainly made with lots of love. It is easy to go find something they have picked out from a store and put on a list to buy, wrap and send. There is no personal investment, little time and even less interest in a gift like that. Fitting for our relationship. But is that what they want? Or do they want something with a little more investment and love? Who can be sure?

I have not had the best relationship with SIL. I can't read her and don't know when she actually likes something I have given her, if she ever does! Hopefully she will at least put these on the nephew when he arrives.

Other ongoing craft projects are all scrapbooking related. I have books started for all three of my children. I just finished a gift album for the above mentioned SIL. I am finishing up a gift album for a friend. Those are just the projects in actual progress. The ones in the planning stages are numerous and endless. Lucky for me I have an endless supply of scrapbooking materials available to me through my own Creative Memories business. It does nothing for my profitability but getting the pictures into books and the stories written is far more important. Better get back to work on one of those projects now.

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