Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Which is worse?

Which is worse potty training a child or sending said child to kindergarten in diapers? Honestly I think potty training was created to drive parents to the looney bin. I forget between children how trying this time can be. With 4 years between each of the kids it is a long time between potty training sessions. Yet despite that, I am surprised that I don't remember it being this hard with the girls. Jessie (10) and Emily (6) got the idea fairly quickly and just kind of did it. David at 2.5 is another story entirely. He knows what he is doing. He knows that if he holds out long enough he will get a diaper for nap or bed time and then he is good. If he runs around naked, we have no problem with #1 but having underwear on is another story. He KNOWS that they are not diapers but he still uses them just like a diaper. I know he can get this but can I last until he does?

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  1. I agree sometimes it seems it would just be easier to let the child go in diapers than to potty train.

    I raised two boys and I wanted to give in to using diapers many times before I had them completely potty trained.

    Often parents ask me about a potty training problem, like the one you are facing. I agree it is not easy to get rid of the diapers, and the diapers become a crutch. You can do it, and your son will be potty trianed soon.

    Check out this site and see what one mom had to say about the potty trianing problem she was facing.