Friday, March 14, 2008

March 12th

For this edition of the 12 of 12, I am featuring what I like to call Wacky Wednesday.

Wacky Wednesday started out with a left behind child. Why was the child left behind you ask? Awww because of the missing shoe. You will note that this picture is of only one shoe. It's mate is missing resulting in the child being left behind when the school bus (also known in this house as Daddy's car) left. The left behind child had been given plenty of warnings. She was told to be at the car by XX or the school bus was leaving. She had been told that shoes put in the shoe box will still be in the shoe box when they are needed again. Alas, the school bus driver did not notify the mommy of this impending change in routine. If he had, the mommy would have been prepared. As it was the mommy was totally shocked to be awoken to "Mommy will you take me to school?" Upon spying the clock and determining that the left behind child was already 15 minutes late for school, the mommy went a little ballistic on the phone to the school bus driver. Then, upon remembering that said left behind child was supposed to be going on a field trip, the mommy quickly called the school to find out that the field trip bus had already left. At this point, the mommy decided that she agreed with the school bus driver that the left behind child needed to be taught that the world does not move on her pokey schedule and it is no fun to being home for an unscheduled holiday. So the left behind child was sent to her room under instructions to sit on her bed and stare at the wall or clean said room. Either choice was acceptable to the mommy, leaving the bedroom was not.
Meanwhile the mommy decided it was time to tackle the laundry basket. The pile was giving off avalanche warnings and something simply had to be done. After that, the mommy decided that some other cleaning was in order so she tackled that while still fuming about the school bus driver's lack of communication skills. While still fuming and contemplating her next move in cleaning the mommy had the living daylights scared out of her when a little bitty mouse ran across the living room right past her. Now the mommy really, really hates icky mice. That is one of the many reasons that the mommy puts up with having to clean the litter box for the living mouse catching device that lives in her house. Note the look of innocent curiosity on her face. What is all the fuss about, she seems to be asking.

The fuss, my dear little black furball, is about the RODENT running around my living room. Quit looking at me and go catch it!She did not seem to understand the message and just followed the mouse around the living room so I had to deal with it resulting in upended and rearranged furniture. Believe me, this is not how my living room normally looks. After some more shreaking resulted in the left behind child coming from her room to determine the cause the little bitty mouse was finally captured in an overturned box and removed from the living quarters. After that the mommy and the left behind child with the hinderance of the 3 year old set upon cleaning out from under the couch. It was, afterall, moved out of the way already.
Following the cleaning, rearranging of furniture, lunch and banishment of the left behind child back to her room, the mommy sat down with her trusty Becky Higgins sketches to try to find the perfect one for this month's 12 of 12 layout, all the while hoping that this door would stay closed.

For this is the door to the 3 year old's bedroom. Said 3 year old really, really needs a nap and does not want to stop moving long enough to take one. Ugghh, the mommy is tired of going back to this door over and over.Once the door stays closed, the mommy sits down to some well-earned rest and relaxation with her scrapbooking layout. This layout is from the mommy's birthday in 2007. The mommy is feeling good, playing with different ideas, trying to make this layout work with the Becky Higgins sketch in sketch challenge #9 on SS when she hears the familiar sound of mail being delivered to the email account. So the mommy trudges over to the family computer to check it out.
Holy, moly, they want to pay what to be able to auction off a marquis spa in the school auction? Out of their minds they are. But wait, here is another email, hmmm, someone would be willing to commit to bidding on such an extravagant purchase at said auction. Oh here is another email and another and another, the mommy finds she is out voted and the spa will be purchased. The mommy sighs and goes back to the scrapbooking table only to hear the front door open to admit the third child, the one who made it into Daddy's school bus on time.
So the mommy goes into homework supervisor/teacher mode. She gets the just-arrived-home-from-school child started on her tasks . The tired, cranky but ever patient mommy gets out the reading tutorial materials to do some reading practice with the left behind child. Since the mommy is in this picture she has to hand the camera off to the just-arrived-home child.Reading practice and math practice with the left behind child goes well so all learning is not lost for the day. Eventually the dreaded sound is heard, the 3 year old is up again. But miracle of miracles he is a happy version of himself. So the afternoon passes pleasantly albeit quickly. Soon this door is opened and the 3 year old child announces.......
"I'm hungry". Hungry, how could you be hungry, the mommy just fed you..... oh wait, maybe not. Rats guess it is getting late. What do you all want for dinner? Leftovers says one. I don't know says another. Alrighty then....
left overs it is. Eat, clean up, shower, brush teeth, go to bed. Awww blessed quiet at last. Off to work on the layout for this day. Hopefully tomorrow will be less wacky and the layout will actually get done by the weekend.

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