Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Challenge: Women I admire

The question of the day is is there a woman "Who you'd love to have a one hour conversation with?"

There are a number of women who fit this bill. My most recent addition to this list is Sarah Palin. I don't care much about politics and I have a hard time sorting out all the whys and wherefores when it comes to political campaigns. However, this woman struck a cord with me. It was not about her politics but her personality. I think there is a ton of stuff I could sit and talk to her about. I would love to chat with her about parenting and getting kids safely to adulthood. She and I share an interest in fishing. In fact, it would be so awesome to have this one hour conversation while standing on the bank of one of her State's rivers with fishing poles in our hands. I think we could have some fun debates about the different teams in the field of 64 that made up the NCAA tournament.

I really admire this woman and her ability to put it all on the line to run for the second highest seat in the land with little preparation. I would love to spend an hour with her.

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