Monday, March 2, 2009

Poor kids -- Poor me.

Darn it all.

So much for my quiet Monday morning.

Both girls are home sick.

Jessie has an icky tummy. She has been the longest holdout with all the illness swirling around. The colds have been in the house for a while starting with David going to Matt and I and finally Emily has been fighting it off for the last couple weeks. The only one not to get the cold has been Jessie. I thought she had a chance to avoid it all but nope, this morning the bedroom door cracked open with a "mom, I don't feel good". Now usually that is not enough to warrant a day off from school but she also felt warm and looked a bit green so back to bed she went.

Now with Emily I am not surprised at all. She has been struggling with a cough for a week and I had to bring her home from school early one day. But she has been trying so hard to work through it because it was her last week of basketball. Of course that was probably part of the problem, she was pushing herself to keep up and play in the last game of the season. Now she is paying the price for that dedication. Her cough is awful and she is exhausted which makes her attitude pretty testy.

Poor things are miserable. Poor me because I love my quiet, home all alone Monday mornings. Oh well, all I had planned was housework anyway. I just have to keep the radio volume turned down.

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  1. I so understand what is going on at your house, our house has been fighting the same thing. Savannah has a horrible cold, DH and I both had/.have the tummy bug this weekend (DH today). So far Dominick has avoided it.

    Hope the girls feel better tomorrow!