Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fabulous Day

Yesterday was a fabulous day. It was also a super busy day.

It started with an early morning wake-up. In order to get to town in time for warm-ups at 8:00 a.m. the alarm went off at 6:30. We were out the door into the cold, cold morning by 7:40. Emily's final basketball game of the season, against the toughest team in their age group, was set to start at 8:30. For this family that is waaaaayyyyy early for a Saturday morning.

The game, as I said, pitted us against the toughest team. The other coach is very loud and is teaching her girls to use game skills that are not allowed (such as a version of zone defense) at this level. All of that is very confusing for teams who are doing things as they should. Yesterday the girls did really well holding their ground and not letting the other team push them around. It was a hard fought game. Emily took a hard fall in the third quarter and hurt her shoulder. In the past this would have been enough to make her quit at least for the day. Yesterday, after shaking it off for a bit, she rejoined her team and finished the game. I was so proud of her!! Though there is no official score kept, all the parents know, we won this game!! More importantly the girls worked hard in the second half to come back from a fairly significant deficit for that win.

After spending a few hours at home doing some chores and relaxing, we headed back out to go to Corvallis. We gathered back up with the team for pizza, awards and birthday cake because it was coach's birthday. The pizza place we were at has a huge play area and the girls had a blast hanging out together and playing, eating pizza and cake and getting their team medals. Yeah I know the photo sucks but the focus was off in the dark room and it is the only one I have so I will use it and be happy that I have even that.

To cap off the day, the team got to go watch the Oregon State University Lady Beavers take on their in-state rivals, the University of Oregon Lady Ducks. The team got to sit together in fabulous seats to cheer on the Beavs to win. They also got a photo op with Benny Beaver. When the game was over the team and coach came up in the stands where the girls were sitting, giving high-fives and hugs. The kids were so excited and hyped up. Their eyes were sparkling and they were all talking a mile a minute. It took a good long time for all the excitement to drop down to normal levels.

To cap the evening we got a quick photo with one of the cheerleaders.

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