Monday, February 9, 2009

Love post #4 - Sports

I love watching sports. I am a passionate and sometimes loud when I watch sports. I am particular about the sports I watch. I prefer college sports. I prefer things that are fast paced and easy to get into. I prefer watching Pac-10 teams and try never to miss a game of my beloved Oregon State Beavers. I love to watch basketball, football and even baseball. We love to go to the gymnastics meets.

In addition to Oregon State games, I love to watch my kids play sports. Right now that is DD#2. She is playing basketball this season for the first time. She is having a great time and is showing some real improvement from week to week. I love to sit with the other parents and encourage all the girls on the team as they work together and learn the game. They are all working hard and having fun so that makes it fun for us parents.

Here DD is getting a pass from one of her teammates and a chance to shoot.

Sports give me an outlet. I can yell at the TV, while DH rolls his eyes at me, and encourage the players from the stands. I love to get into a game. I love the healthy competition. I can't wait until the next game. I am loving the improvement I see in the Men's OSU team this year. It was fabulous to see Gill Coliseum nearly full for the Civil War game a couple weekends ago. It has been a long road to recovery for this team that went 0-18 in league play last year. Yeah I really get into it and am looking forward to the possibilities in this team and future teams. I am also looking forward to seeing what the future brings for DD and her sports career. We will see if she sticks with it.

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