Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The new month has arrived and with it, a new blog challenge. Here are the details as copied from Traci's blog "Occasional rants, raves and praise".

Since Valentine's Day is Feb 14th, I'm asking you to post 14 posts this month all about Love. They can be about someone you love, a place you love, a love that you've lost, your first love, Valentine's crafts, romantic meals, a loving relationship that you've always admired... the list goes on.

**Bonus prize goes to the winner if she has posted 14 pictures too.. not a requirement to win, but as an add on if she has**

This is an easy one ladies, it's only 14 posts. It doesn't matter to me how you space them, but I would think that every other day would be the easiest. Because it's such a low requirement, I'm holding you to the 14. If you need to, then pre-schedule your posts, etc., but make sure you get all 14 in!

I will have to work hard to make sure I have pictures to go with all my challenge posts this month because she promises something really good. Woohoo. Look for my first love post shortly.

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