Saturday, January 31, 2009

Find Beauty - Day 28

Today I saw the beauty in our community. One of my 4-h'ers has started a small charity with the help a business in our community to help underprivileged children. Yesterday was his first major fundraiser. He asked my DD to help. They sold cookies that they had made themselves. They covered all their bases by getting the appropriate approvals and all and then did the footwork by just being out their. The community really responded nicely. The kids made $98 for the charity which will help them begin the process. They can open their checking account and start taking requests. The idea is that they will purchase school supplies, mittens, scarves, shoes, basically any non-food item that a child might need.

I am just so proud of these kids and the community that made an effort to support them.

Wow, that is it, the final post for January. How fast did that go by? The end of January 2009 already? Are you kidding me? It has been a busy month. What will February bring?

Until tomorrow.......

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