Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hate change

There I said it. I hate change. I hate uncertainty and upheaval.

Big changes are afoot at my DDs' school. The school is a charter. Matt sits on the charter board. Funding is based on enrollment. Enrollment is dropping. Why this is occuring is a matter of changing economic climate and who knows what else. With the down turn in the economy many have been losing jobs resulting in moves to find employment. This is completely understandable. The other part of the equation is not as easily defined. Some students are just leaving because ........

As I said, funding is based on enrollment. Dropping enrollment equals dropping funding which means changes, big ones. Like a teacher losing her job, closing a school building, reducing hours of support staff. Yuck. I hate it.

The teacher losing her job is my middle daughter's. I wrote about her the other night in one of my find beauty posts. The building is the one my older DD is in. The staff members are people I consider friends. Time to get ready for the PTC meeting.

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