Sunday, January 18, 2009

Find Beauty - Day 15

I don't know what to write about tonight. I have not downloaded the pictures taken today. DD's 4-H photography group met today and practiced taking family and self portraits. They took some beautiful pictures and did a great job but I can't show you those yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I guess today I saw beauty in volunteerism, again. I get a lot of joy from spending time with these motivated, responsible, effervescent, fun kids. I love helping them learn and seeing them grow. This is DD's 4th year in 4-H and I am watching these kids grow up right before my eyes. It is gratifying to be a part of their maturing personalities and to help them to gain skills and new interests. Tomorrow I get to spend more time with some of these same kids as they have their officers' meeting and we get started with the knitting group's community service project. I know that my fellow leaders feel the same way about our "job" and our kids.

Until tomorrow......

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