Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Find Beauty - Day 17

No matter your political affiliations or ideation, today was a beautiful day. The sun shone, people gathered in a peaceful manner, one gentleman stepped gracefully aside and another took a step forward.

His politics and my politics are vastly different. I truly don't feel that all the hype, if you will, about his skin color is necessary. However, I do recognize the importance of today and this man's position in history.

My impression is that of a truly compassionate man with a deep love and devotion to his family and his country. The next four years will test all his fortitude. He has a job I do not envy. I hope he succeeds because if he does so shall we all.

Change is hard. For some, this is a sad day as President and Mrs. Bush stepped away. I believe that must be a huge transition. In a matter of moments, you go from the leader of the free world to a retired President and private citizen.

I took pictures of the TV to do a layout for our family album. Unfortunately, older DD and I did not get to see the actual swearing in because she was in the orthodontist's office getting her spacers, x-rays and pictures in preparation for her braces application next week. I am a bit sad that, though I have seen news reports and replays of it, she and I missed seeing it all live because this day will certainly go down as one of the most historic for this country.

God Bless America!!

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  1. This was a really great post, and it echos a lot of my own thoughts.