Sunday, January 4, 2009

Find beauty

As noted in yesterday's post, this month's blog challenge is to blog about (and capture with our cameras) all kinds of beauty. Today I was playing around with the camera trying to capture the images needed for the 52/365 challenge in the photography forum at scrapshare. This challenge is hopefully going to teach me how to get more from my camera. Really it is geared to those with digital SLRs, something I endeavor to have someday, but I am going to do the best I can with what I can.

So today I was playing around trying to capture the images for this weeks assignment which is to use all the auto modes our camera provides. I have one setting that is for "snow/beach". I know I used it yesterday but I am not sure which images are a product of it because I played around a lot trying to capture the beautiful colors and such.

So anyway, I was trying to find things to photography around here that I would not be embarrassed to post for everyone to see. Given the dreary January sky and post holiday clutter that was more difficult than one would imagine. I did get a good shot of flower my cousin gave me for Christmas. This used the completely auto setting on the camera so basically I pointed the camera and pushed the button. I know that flowers are an easy source of beauty but I really love the colors of this one. The paper whites will be out soon too so if the big blooms last that long, this will be really showy for a day or two.

It is now time to head off to bed because tomorrow reality returns with the kids going back to school. I have pulled preschool duty because Matt has a presentation to do at work. There goes my quiet, no kids home, Monday morning. Oh well, another one will come around next week.


  1. Great photo - I also love the colors!!!! :)

  2. Really pretty! I love the vivid orange!