Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love post #7 - My Son and his trains

My Dson loves everything about trains. He loves Thomas trains, electric trains and big, real trains. He has been obsessed with them since before he could say the word. He could sit for hours near the train yard watching the pusher engines making up trains and sending them out. When we were in San Francisco the highlight of he trip for him was riding BART because it is a TRAIN!!

In May 2007, my parents, I and my girls took a short trip along the portion of the Amtrak rail that goes through one of our favorite portions of the mountains/Willamette Valley. DS was only 2 but I don't think he has yet to forgive us for not taking him too. LOL

Finally on Sunday DS finally got his ride. DH decided that DS was old enough and would enjoy the trip. Also, the new commuter rail line in the Portland area is up and running. So he took DS and DD#2 on Amtrak to Portland Sunday evening and then spent Monday riding all the Trimet train lines in Portland. If this is not a boy in love, I don't think I have ever seen one. Of course the long, busy day completely wore out both kids.

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