Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love post #6 - My hubby

Okay, nothing has been solved from yesterday's post but I have calmed down some. I am still hurt and angry but the only thing that will solve that is time at this point.

Now, I really do love my hubby Matt. We have issues but what couple doesn't?

So what do I love about him?
I love his willingness to be a parent. We both agreed from the beginning of our marriage that we would have kids and God willing, several of them. As you have seen on this blog and other places, we have 3 kids. Those kids run us a merry chase at times. They also raise our blood pressure and make us nuts at times. But Matt always participates in the raising of our children. He jumps right in to the good and the bad. For example, tomorrow he is taking two of the three of them on a train ride and then they are going to spend Monday humoring our youngest by riding every train style transportation system in Portland. My son LOVES trains so they are taking Amtrak to Portland tomorrow and spending the night at my in-laws house before their adventure on Monday.

I also love the fact that he supports my being a SAHM. We both agree on the importance of one of being a parent full time. There have been times that things are really, really tight budget wise but when we have talked about me getting a job, he agrees that it just would be better for our family to keep the status quo.

I love the fact that he works hard, is admired by his coworkers and most importantly, has a job that he enjoys. That was not the case a few months ago. I love that he took the initiative to go find something that makes us feel more comfortable from the prospective of job security but that also makes going to work more pleasant for himself.

I love that he does mornings. He gets the kids their breakfast and takes them to school every day. I don't do mornings well so this is a huge thing for me and the kids.

I love that he will put up with me. I know that there are many times that I am not easy to live with. I am opinionated, loud, set in my ways, ....... did I mention opinionated?....... and often grumpy and tired. Nonetheless, he loves me.

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