Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy thoughts, positive actions

I am working on turning my attitude around. I have always tended to be a glass half-empty kinda girl but frankly I am tired of it. I am tired of being the one that is rubbed the wrong way. A friend on my favorite Scrapbooking website Scrapshare posted about what she called eggshell people in her life. I am afraid I am an eggshell person. When it comes to my in-laws I KNOW I am. So I am setting out to change me and my attitude.

In that effort I am looking to make each day a positive one or at least find one or two positive things that I can write/think about.

In thinking about yesterday, it was a lazy day here. We just did not do much. But neither did we just sit around watching TV. In fact, due to the fact that Miss Emily had a book she needed to read before she returned to school today, we did not have the TV on all day. That is a hugely positive thing. Because when the TV is not on, the level of noise in my house goes down exponentially. My family is loud. There is no two ways about it. We just are. I find that this is offensive to many. So in my drive to be a better parent (did you note that in my 2010 goals?), I am encouraging quiet voices in the house. This includes Matt, who sits silently until something causes him to flip his lid and yell. So where is the positive? By the end of the evening, everyone was doing a better job of talking in more normal tones and people were not sniping at each other nearly as much. So, no TV and a quieter house. Two very positive things for any one day.

Today is only half over and I already have two positives to write about. Everyone who had to be out of the house was out on time and with little yelling, frustration or anger. Even David headed to school after only one minor squabble. Then I did something I have not done in a very long time. I exercised. While the positive benefits of that are numerous all on their own, in order to exercise I also had to pick up the great room some so it was a double benefit. Yippee!! Positive steps, it is a good thing.

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