Sunday, January 3, 2010

January goals

In keeping with the New Year post of just a bit ago, I am organizing my thoughts so I can plan specific goals for the month of January.

Eating better ~ Plan meals for each week including using one new healthy recipe each week.
Exercise ~ WiiFit or WiiFitPlus 3 mornings each week, walk either on treadmill or outside 2 mornings/afternoons each week.
Increase daily water intake from nothing (now) to at least 32 ounces by the end of the month.

Financial ~ Read Dave Ramsey's TMM book when it arrives from Angie. Run analysis in Quicken and begin budget in Excel.

Family ~ January 4 - 9 ~ Find and reread Love and Logic. Encourage the use of quiet voices in the house.

House ~ Make list of cleaning goals, get caught up on Flylady emails and stay current with them, read up on the Organized Home website and work on a plan. Get and stay caught up with dishes and keep kitchen table cleared off daily.

Fun time ~ Go back and do all the 12 of 12 layouts for last year. Make the snowman earrings that are still on project list from last year. Scrapbook Christmas. Print school pictures and send out to family.

Blog about progress at least 3 days each week. Blog about one to two good things each day.

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