Friday, January 8, 2010

Keeping the thoughts in my head.

I really need to learn how to keep the words in my head. I was doing better with this but had a slip up today. There is one person that has caused me to lose my resolve more than once. But it is really only one particular topic. Otherwise I find her to be a very interesting, engaging person. So clearly the problem is mine. I must overcome it. I must learn to keep my mouth or, in this case, my keyboard shut so I can keep my foot out of it.

I guess, picking up the thread of a previous post, I am an eggshell person. I still think I am right in this case but she clearly does not and the others involved in the conversation, for the most part, seem to agree with her. So I am examining my reaction to the conversation. I understand why it strikes me the way it does. It centers around an issue I am struggling with. I am sensitive to it. I know that. So the issue is to deal with it in a different way. And figure out how to stay out of her way when the subject inevitably comes up again.

Sigh. This personal growth stuff is hard.

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