Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday positives and goal updates

My day was just chock full of positives and one major bummer.

I had a fun time helping in David's kindergarten class. That is where you will find me most any Wednesday morning this school year. I get to do all kinds of fun projects while I am there and I get to see how my son is doing in school. Today I cut out and glued down the colored mittens so that the teacher can hang them up as decorations in the classroom. I also separated all the Scholastic order forms so they are ready to go home tomorrow and worked on putting together the little books that the students will be using in reading groups. I also got to talk with another adult (the teacher) while the kids were out at recess, got to work with the kids a little bit and just generally enjoy spending time with little people in a completely different setting than normal.

Other positives were that I finished Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DD's DS. This is a fun little game with lots of interesting puzzles, some of them quite challenging to my underused brain. I also exercised for 50 minutes (a goal of mine for this year, to exercise more). And my very sweet and long-suffering hubby agreed to taking the girls to their 4-H meeting so I could come home and watch the basketball game. That leads to the major bummer. That game and the outcome were a major embarrassment. We lost 48-99. Sad, seriously sad. Hope a different team shows up for the Civil War on Sunday evening.

Now to look at this weeks progress on my goals:

I have been working on figuring out a budget. It is taking a lot of time. I hope that my friend comes through with the copy of Total Money Makeover that she said she would send me.

I have exercised twice so far this week. The new WiiFitPlus is fun. I have also done a better job of getting in some water each day.

I had a set back in my "don't freak out so much" parenting goal yesterday when Emily really tested the limits of my sanity but today was much better.

Fun stuff today. Tomorrow I am going to work in spending less time sitting here with the computer and more time picking up the house. Every room needs attention right now.

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