Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Stats

To work on one of those personal goals I have a joined a group challenge at my favorite scrapbooking website Scrapshare.

I have talked about this wonderful community of women often enough here that I am sure you all have figured out that we do much more there than just support each other's scrapbooking.

Many of us struggle with extra pounds so we have banded together to support each other, push each other and prop each other up while on this journey. To this end, off and on we run challenges modeled after the very popular Biggest Loser TV program. January 1st marked the beginning of the first challenge of 2010. Today marked the first "weigh in" day. There is one brave soul who is compiling all our information and figuring out who has lost the most and exercised the most on both an individual and team basis. I have 4 fun teammates to talk with through the week as well.

My initial weigh-in on New Year's Eve was right on par with what I expected it to be. Really my weight has not changed much in the last year or so. But I am determined to make a change.

This week's stats:
Down 0.6.
Exercised for ~200 minutes.

I am pretty pleased with these results because I know I did not have a stellar week but I am committed to bumping it up next week. My goal for this 6 week challenge is to be down at least 5 pounds. To achieve that, I need to spend more time playing on the Wii Fit and less time playing on the computer. We will see what the new week brings.

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