Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Challenge: Gratitude Day 14

Today I am grateful for the opportunities that 4-H provides for my kids. My daughter Jessie is learning poise, personal responsibility, animal care, record keeping, leadership and public speaking skills. There are many other thing she is learning as well. On Friday she was rewarded for her hard work with a special award for her records and today she was elected vice-president of her club.

My second DD Emily is not old enough to join 4-H yet but she is involved in the pre-4-H program, learning many of the same things that her sister is learning so she will be prepared next year when she is able to fully participate in all that 4-H has to offer.

I am also grateful to 4-H for giving me the opportunity to have contact with many talented and personable youth in my community and allowing me to participate in their growth as people and 4-H members as a leader in the club.

Until tomorrow.........

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