Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blog Challenge: Gratitude Day 9

Today is Veteran's Day. The day set aside to thank all the veterans who have helped to keep our country safe and free. We honor them with parades, breakfasts and dinners in their honor. Today I am grateful for all the veteran's in DH's and my families as well as those in everyone else's families. This is my cousin's son. He is currently serving in the Navy out of San Diego. I am so grateful that he is willing to sacrifice 6 months out of each year watching his son grow up to keep our country safe. I don't see him nearly often enough considering that he is gone half of each year and he lives over 1000 miles away so this photo of him in uniform is a real treasure. As is this one of him laughing at my constant picture taking.

Through out our family trees, DH and I have many relatives who are veterans. My Grandfather fought in WWI and my own father was in the Army during the Korean war. In fact in DH's family there are even Generals. These men sacrificed a great deal to their chosen career of service to our country. I cannot imagine making that sacrifice but I am so grateful that there are men and women who, along with their families, can and do.

On this Veteran's Day, all I can say is THANK YOU to all who willing sacrifice to make my family feel safe.

Until tomorrow......

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  1. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather are veterans. I am proud of them and thankful for them too. Great post. =]