Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We've come to the end.

Yesterday was the last day of Sketchapalooza II. I had a lot of fun working with all the sketches designed by Jayne Jones, Amy Bell, and Stacey Lokovic. This is the first time I have ever taken a class like this and I was really impressed with all the creative energy that was flowing. You can find my layouts of the first eight sketches by clicking on the sketches label over there in my sidebar.

I really appreciate all the hard work that went into the "behind the scenes" stuff it takes to put on a class like this. I would encourage anyone to check out Sketchapalooza III coming up in March. I am looking forward to it.

The best thing about this class is that it got me scrapping again. I wanted to do some traditional pages to mix with my digital but in the end the digital won out. I just did not have the time to get a space cleared out to be able to get out the paper, punches and cutters to do some traditional pages. But I did stretch myself and learn some new techniques with my digital scrapping.

Sketch #9.Credits: Sketch by Stacey Lokovic
Paper and swirls by Broken Jar Creations.
Photos enhanced with Orton action by PSEFrank
Sandedaway action by Atomic Cupcake

Sketch #10 Credits: Sketch by Jayne Jones
Journaling: Lucida Handwriting.
Title: Magneto
Papers from Betsy Tuma's Ready4Spring kit
Actions used: Color Pop by PSEFrank

Journaling reads:
I have known America Sayer for a major portion of my life.
Amy and her brothers, Matt and Austin, and my brother, Randy, and I were the only kids in the neighborhood. I was the oldest of the five of us and Amy was the youngest. We all played away many a summer day together, splashing in the creek, swinging from make-shift rope swings in the barns and riding bikes for hours. Eventually we all grew up, graduated and went on to college. Then one by one we each have found someone to love and marry except Amy and Randy. Focused on careers and families, we are rarely all together anymore. Despite the distance and limited contact, I still think of the three Sayer siblings as members of my extended family, as surrogate brothers and sister. So it was with great excitement that I reserved Saturday September 6, 2008 on my calendar to celebrate with Amy as she married the love of her
life, Kevin. I have only met Kevin a small handful of times but I know that this is the man that Amy is meant to spend her life with. They were so generous to share their wonderful, beautiful wedding day with all of us. Amy was radiant and Kevin all smiles on that gorgeous, sun-drenched day in September. As they danced their first dance the sun shone on them brightly, making Amy’s dreamy expression glow and her gown sparkle. I love Amy like a sister and it was such an honor to share her special day. The only sadness was that my brother’s job kept him away. He made a point to call Amy and wish her well. The day was so special in so many ways, bringing together not only two lovely people in wedded bliss but bringing old, true friends together again too.

Sketch #11 Credits: Sketch by Amy Bell
Polka dot paper by Debra Fisher in her Spring is Sprung kit.
White paper is by Emily Giovanni in her White Essentials kit
Floral stamp from ScrapGirls
Stitch brush by The Scrappin Cop
Notebook paper by Luminicity

Journaling reads:
Jessie worked hard this year in 4-H. She had a great time working with her rabbits, goats and other projects. That hard work has paid off in many ways. She earned lots of awards and blue ribbons at fair. But the biggest reward is an invitation to the 4-H Awards Luncheon. To earn that reward, her records had to be completed, turned in, judged and selected for a special award. This year she earned the special award in Foods. It was a real pleasure to attend the luncheon with her where she accepted the award presented to her by the Perrydale Goodwill Club. Judy Peters, the 4-H agent, had many nice things to say about Jessie in the award presentation. She talked about Jessie’s hard work and dedication to her club and projects. We are very proud of her.

Sketch #12 Credits: Sketch by Stacey Lokovic
White background paper by Emily Giovanni in her White essentials kit
Blue paper by Blind Sight Designs
Red paper created by me using PSE 6 textures
White/pink paper Designer unknown, color adjusted.
Font is Impact

Sketch #13 Credits: Sketch by Jayne Jones
All papers and elements are from the Sunshine Sweets Easter Blog train freebies. Designers are Rita Massela, Franziska Altman and Amanda Kay.
Flourishes are PSE brushes.
Font is Lucida calligraphy

Sketch #14 Credits: Sketch by Stacey Lokovic
All papers and elements by Booland Designs (Kellie Puddy).
Fonts: Title - Goudy Stout and Journaling - Harlow Solid Italic

Sketch #15
Credits: Sketch by Jayne Jones
This was a single page sketch that I mirrored to make a double page layout
Blue papers from Booland Designs 100freebies.
Red paper from Pamela Gibson Designs StanleyPark kit
Font: Title - Broadway and journaling - Harlow Solid Italic

Journaling LHS reads:
Jessie participated in the Favorite Foods Fair in February 2008. This is a fun filled foods related day. Member bring a dish to be judged, a place setting to be judged and if they choose can partiicpate in a foods judging contest. Jessie took a knock off, easy version of Chicken Cordon Blu and got good reviews from the judge. She also got compliments on her place setting.

Journaling RHS reads:
Part of the day was spent helping set up for the Fair Improvement Auction. As a group they rolled plasticware in napkins and decorated tables. Later in the evening the club helped serve beverages at the Auction.

Sketch #16 Credits: Sketch by Amy Bell
Green background paper, peach background paper, dark green tag and flowers by Ellie Lash.
Swirly paper and ribbon by Amanda Kay
Blingy photo frame by Boutique Cute Doll
Font is Harlow Solid Italic

Sketch #17 Credits: Sketch by Stacey Lokovic
Red, blue and cream papers and word art from Digital Scrapbook place welcome kit
Brown background paper by Ruby Rynne given in the Trash to Treasure hunt.
Stitching and apple elements by Mimilou
Font: Curlz MT

Journaling reads:
Graduation from the 3’s class marks the triumphant end of David’s first year of preschool. The year was a whirlwind of activities, learning, field trips, play and fun. Ms. Dianna is a great teacher and David loved his days with her. At graduation she presented him with a book about, what else, Thomas! He did not take more than one or two things for sharing time that weren’t related to Thomas. Now it is on to the 4’s class next year!

Sketch #18 Credits: Sketch by Jayne Jones
Alpha by Karen Jones of Kjoi Designs
Papers all by Betsy Tuma except vellum and dark blue background paper.
Vellum is a paper from Emily Giovanni’s White Essentials Kit with a blending mode applied and opacity reduced.
Dark blue background paper created by me.
Flourish is a PSE brush
Font is Goudy Old Style

Journaling reads:
Emily broke her wrist when she fell off a piece of play equipment at school in May 2008. Luckily as injuries go this one was fairly mild. She basically bent the bone at the wrist causing a “bone wrinkle” or a green stick fracture. However, no matter how mild the break is, the doctor says it needs a cast. Luckily, though, Emily only had to have the cast on for about 3 weeks. On June 12th we headed over to the doctor’s office to have the cast removed so she could reclaim her summer. Even though it was in the cast such a short time, the arm still needed a good washing when we got home.

Grad Sketch #1 Credits: Sketch by Stacey Lokovic
All papers and elements are from Raspberry Road's Beach Bliss kit

Grad Sketch #2 Credits: Sketch by Jayne Jones
All papers and elements are from Raspberry Road's Beach Bliss kit
Font is Harlow Solid Italic

Journaling reads:
With all the kids off playing in Sunriver with Grandma Beasley, Matt and I decided to celebrate our anniversary with a trip to the coast. We went to Newport for the day. After spending the day visiting the Yaquina Head lighthouse, the Ben Johnson memorial bridge and having dinner at the Chowder Bowl in Nye Beach, we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. We found a spot at one of the waysides to walk down. We stopped on the bluff and set the camera up on the tripod to get a picture of us together in front of the panoramic view of the ocean and sinking sun.

I had a great time with this class and got 23 pages completed. I am well on my way to having 2008 caught up which is a huge accomplishment. I am so happy I decided to take this class. Now I truly "get" sketches and hopefully that will keep my scrapping mojo going.

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  1. I love all of your layouts! I am so glad you enjoyed the class!!