Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blog Challenge: Choose Joy

Today starts a new week for the blog challenge so we have a new theme. This week's theme is red. While I wore my pretty red sweater today, I will blog about it another time. Today's post has nothing to do with the theme. Today was a weird day. I had a lot of fun but got some bad news too. The fun (and the joy part of the post) was at the girls' 4-H club holiday party. The kids are a lot of fun and always have a great time but the parents are often working hard on some project or another so these parties are a great time to relax a little and have a different kind of fun. Today was joyful in the laughter of kids and parents alike. There was joy in sharing food and fun, breaking bread together and exchanging white elephant gifts. There was joy and laughter during that gift exchange because we played the open or steal game. It is fun to watch someone try and decide if they want to steal a cool gift from a friend or take a chance on getting an even cooler one from the pile. There was also joy in gathering our gifts of food and toys for the family of 6 the group adopted for the holidays.

I can't post pictures of our fun because I don't have a single picture that does not have someone else's child in it.

The sad/scary news of the day though is that a friend has a mass in her lung. Please hold her in your prayers that she can find enough peace to rest so she is ready for whatever lies ahead.

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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome time at the 4-H party - I LOVE open or steal!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and will be looking for updates on SS.