Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog Challenge: Choose Joy

There are so many things going on that could get me down. The season is so busy. The tree just got put up tonight and it stands there naked right now. The gingerbread house is still rather naked. Only one batch of cookies and one batch of fudge have been made. I have not finished my shopping. The weather is horrible and DH's father's birthday dinner is supposed to be tomorrow. The Christmas bear I am supposed to be making for Dnephew is only half completed.

But thanks to this blog challenge I can find the joys in the day. There are several. DD#2 and DS had a fabulous time playing in the icky, frozen white stuff that fell from sky last night. Oh and the icky white stuff started to MELT!!!! The tree is in the house. For that matter the tree is upright, watered and has the star on it. The star is on it because it is just easier to put it on while the tree is laying down rather than try not to knock the whole thing over once it is decorated. Another joy today was getting all my fun and fabulous new candle things out to look at and set up. They are wonderful and the new scents I got are fabulous. Finally, DD and I spent the afternoon making a batch of fudge and a batch of cookies. There are several more to do but it was fun to spend the day with her.

Yep there is a lot to get down about but now I find myself looking for the joys each day. Now I better get to work on that Christmas bear.

Until next time.......

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