Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's starting to look a little bit like

winter around here. I like winter in Oregon. Yes it can be dreary, foggy and gray a lot of the time but since I detest the cold and snow, this climate is perfect for me. I like to sit in the glider rocker with a nice hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea and watch the rain fall. Today is a drippy, foggy day just like a good winter day should be. However, the weather forecaster on my evening news is trying to spoil this enjoyable day with talk of that yucky, cold four letter word.....snow. I like snow well enough, when it is up in the mountains so I can look but not touch. It is pretty on Christmas cards and in my new blog style but not in my front yard, not right now. And don't get me wrong I like a good snow day about once a year but right now is NOT a good time. I have things to do this weekend and they do not include slipping and sliding around on the roads. So if any of you have any power with the one in control of such things, could you ask him/her to do me a favor and keep the snow in the bag for a few more weeks? I am thinking that February is looking good.

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