Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Challenge: Choose Joy

I am not sure what is causing me the most joy right now, the fact that after three attempts today we finally got the gingerbread house pieces baked or the fact that it is currently above freezing, the snow is melting and the kids are going to school tomorrow.

Actually I have enjoyed having them all here this week and I would rather have school just be canceled for the rest of the week because really what is the point of going for one or two days this week anyway and my mom wanted one of the girls to come down so they could finish a project they started a couple months ago.

So I guess that leaves having the gingerbread done and baked to be the joy for the evening. DD #2 and I spent several hours trying to get it right. We made the first batch, following the directions explicitly and the dough was way to dry because of too much flour. The second batch worked but stuck to the baking sheets and broke when we tried to take them off though we were able to salvage a few of the pieces. The third batch was a bit on the dry side too but we got the pieces we needed. This time I baked them on parchment paper to avoid the sticky situation. So now all the pieces are waiting for the girls to get home from school tomorrow (assuming they actually go since it could freeze again overnight making the roads impassible) to be assembled and decorated. I will post the glitz and glimmer pictures when the house is all set and standing.

Until next time.....

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