Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog Challenge: Choose Joy

Hmmm..... still no red to show yet. But there is a lot of joy. I found and ordered the family gift for this year. I spent a bunch of money too. DH and I have been trying to come up with something, ANYTHING to give the kids for Christmas. Really they need NOTHING other than some clothes and we are so sick of all the STUFF in this house. It spills out everywhere and the kids are really not very good at picking up after themselves. Well, neither is DH.....errrrrr or me either, at times anyway, so what results is what I have right now.......a big ol' mess. But I digress, back to the joy.

As I said, we have been struggling with just what to get them for Christmas. And they really have not been giving us much in the way of ideas. Apparently all the advertising is failing the retail outlets if it is aimed at my children. Except for one thing.... and of course that one thing would have to be the hottest electronic gadget on the market. Yep, you guessed it. They asked for a Wii. The PTC at their school had a raffle for one. I tried to win it but I didn't. So then it was time to start searching all over. Where does one get a Wii these days. I never have a moment to shop that at least one of them is not with me so I could not hit the local stores and besides, I like doing my shopping online so I have been stalking the Wii tracker sites for a week now, as well as Ebay and Craigslist looking for a deal. So far, all I have found are a few bundles waaaayyyy out of my price range (i.e. priced well above the posted Nintendo price, just cause they can) or "deals" on the auction sites or sales sites posted by people out to make big bucks on their acquisition. Until today......

Today I was up early and decided to check the tracker site just in case. And there it was........ had a Wii bundle in stock ready to leap into my cart and be driven to my house by my nice man in brown. So now the knot in my stomach can unknot and I can go on with my Christmas preparations knowing that I might have broke the bank but the kids are going to jump for joy come Christmas morning. They are going to be so excited because they are convinced (with a little help from me) that there was no way I was spending that much money on... on.... a GAME system. Uh-uh, no way, no how. Snort. Yippee. I was so excited that I fairly bounced off to work at the preschool and I had to be snack helper..... I intensely dislike being snack helper....especially on a Monday morning!

So today I chose the joy of my children over the bank account which is coughing and snorting and begging me to not got near another store or website for at least 6 months. But the joy, it out shines the bank account any day.

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